Our Economy

The gap in income inequality has not been this wide since the 1920’s prior to the Great Depression. 

The top 1% in America possess 90% of the wealth and if you work for a living you are not part of the 1%. 

Most Americans if they have a job, are working paycheck to paycheck.  Unable to save for the future or emergencies.  Instead you are working longer hours for less pay.

No one who works 40 hours a week should live in poverty.

Health Care

Health care is a right not a privilege.

As a security and economic issue it is in the best interest of America to provide health care for all Americans.

Women’s Health

Just like men, women must have full control over their reproductive health.

National Security

We live in a more dangerous world.  Global and domestic terrorism need to be addressed by strengthening foreign policy through diplomacy, while being unyielding in our fight against terrorism.  The test of a America is how well we can prevent conflict through diplomacy, not in how many wars we can wage.  Too many of our American sons and daughters have died.

The Environment

Science is real.  Scientist are unanimous in their opinion regarding climate change.   Climate change is a result of human activity and the impact is devastating. Ignoring science will not make climate change go away.  We must invest in clean energy and lead initiative to mitigate and eliminate the impact of climate change.


Most Americans have been educated in the public-school system.  Instead of taking money out of public school, we need to reinvest in them and make them competitive.  So that our children graduate able to compete in a global economy.

We cannot continue to saddle our students with crushing debt.  American students should have access to tuition and debt free college education at our public universities, as their peers do around the world.

Criminal Justice

Over 2 million Americans are serving time in prison, with an additional 4 million on parole.  This equates to 1 out of every 110 Americans in prison.

Once arrested in America you opportunities for work and education become limited and often creates an ongoing cycle of criminal activity and poverty. 

We need to focus on corruption and organized crime, so we can stop wasting taxpayer money and destroying American lives.


We need to remove money from politics so that our political leaders represent their communities and not the biggest donor. 

We need to use real facts not alternative facts.  In any other sector an alternative fact would be a plain old lie.